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Großer Preis des Mittelstandes 2019

The company LOOMIS PRODUCTS Kahlefeld GmbH won the award „finalist“ in the competition „Großer Preis des Mittelstandes“ in 2019, due to its positive development, providing/safeguarding jobs, extraordinary remanufacturing and innovation, conscious local engagement, alert service, customer focus and advised marketing.

Pressing solutions for the Industry...since 1917


LOOMIS PRODUCTS ( USA ) has been building machines for the shaping of ceramic, metal and plastic powders for over 98 years – LOOMIS PRODUCTS ( Germany ) for over 25 zears. Our Products include isostatic dry bag and wet bag presses, 12-500 ton piston extruders, tool design and manufacturing, manufacturing of custom equipment, intensifiers, decompression systems, pressure relief check valves and high pressure power packs.

Isostatic wet bag presses

nmp 01
  • Operating pressure up to 6900 bar (~100.000 psi)
  • Manual to automatic carousel systems
  • Laboratory to Production Presses – We build to customer requirements

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Rheopress ®

rheo port
  • Operating pressure up to 900 bar (90MPa)
  • Faster and easier determination of material parameter in comparison to usual rheometers
  • Adjustable extrusion layer between horizontal and vertical position

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