Solutions for pressing powder materials

We press your powder

LOOMIS PRODUCTS's isostatic wet and dry bag presses – for the uniform compaction of powder materials, which for instance, are used in the

  • Ceramic industry
  • stoneware industry
  • refractory industry
  • powder metal industry or
  • PTFE industry

They are used for crack-free and stress-free components with no undesirable air entrapments and with uniform density.

  • Iso-Pressen Nass 01
  • Iso-Pressen Nass 02
  • Iso-Pressen Trocken 01
  • Iso-Pressen Nass 03
  • Iso-Pressen Nass 04
  • Iso-Pressen Trocken 02

Isostatic dry bag press

In dry bag presses the liquid in the pressure chamber is separated from the tool by means of a "Master Bag".

Thus the tool does not come into direct contact with the liquid.

Technical data
  • Operating pressure up to approx. 4100 bar (~60,000 psi)
  • Automatic press cycles
  • 1 to 4 pressure vessels
  • Tool positioning on the rotary table Filling, Pressing, Unloading and Tool change station
  • Components are produced as per customer's specifications
  • Typical cycle times are 30 – 120 seconds (the cycle time depends on the material being pressed and the size of the pressure vessel).
  • PLC control - operated in manual, semi-automatic or full automatic mode / Visual touch screen / PC-input
  • Hydraulic systems – imply a longer service life for pumps and valves.
  • Digital pressure display with high and low contacts
  • Pneumatic pressure-controlled pilot operated check valve for prefill and suction pump
  • LOOMIS PRODUCTS Special decompression valve
  • High pressure booster
  • Ease of operation and maintenance

Isostatic laboratory presses – as wet and dry bag presses

Top technology on a small scale:

LOOMIS PRODUCTS's isostatic laboratory presses are the ideal solution for Process-/ Material testing and for small-scale production.

  • Special sizes available
  • Variable pressure build-up
  • Adjustable pressure dwell time
  • Locking, raising and guiding system
  • Upper closure manipulator

More Information (PDF)

Non-destructive examination ( NDE )

To localize and determine discontinuities

Our pressure vessels are tested in conformance with ASME or PED codes before they can be commissioned.

Follow-up test can be completed by LOOMIS PRODUCTS on all of our Pressure Vessels and of Pressure Vessel of other manufacture.

Further country codes can also be complied with.