Isostatic wet bag press

We press your powder

LOOMIS PRODUCTS's isostatic wet and dry bag presses – for die uniform compaction of powder materials, which for instance, are used in the

  • ceramic industry
  • stoneware industry
  • refractory industry
  • powder metal industry or
  • PTFE industry

They are used for crack-free and stress-free components with no undesirable air entrapments and with uniform density.

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  • Iso-Pressen Nass 05
  • Iso-Pressen Nass 06
  • Iso-Pressen Nass 07-1
  • Iso-Pressen Nass 07-2
  • Iso-Pressen Nass 01
  • Iso-Pressen Nass 02
  • Iso-Pressen Nass 03
  • Iso-Pressen Nass 04

Advantages of isostatic wet bag press

  • The density of the green compact is 10 to 15% higher than that of pressed components produced using other pressing processes.
  • During the pressing process using an isostatic wet bag press there is practically no material fatigue seen in the green compact.
  • Owing to the high density of the green compact, it can be machined even before the sintering process.
  • As a result of the high density of the green compact, the shrinkage of the material during the sintering process is reduced.
  • Ease of changing moulds and tools
  • Materials of the highest quality are used: wear-resistant, bend-resistant, highly rigid

Isostatic laboratory presses – as wet and dry bag presses

Top technology on a small scale:

LOOMIS PRODUCTS's isostatic laboratory presses are the ideal solution for Process-/ Material testing and for small-scale production.

  • Special sizes available
  • Variable pressure build-up
  • Adjustable pressure dwell time
  • Locking, raising and guiding system
  • Upper closure manipulator