Solutions for pressing powder materials

Piston extrusion presses – for uncompromisingly good products

Perfection in Moulding: LOOMIS PRODUCTS's Piston extrusion presses fulfil the highest requirements for extrusion of Ceramic, metal, plastic and PTFE- powder materials to form:

  • Tubes
  • Ribbons
  • Rods or
  • Honeycombs.

The extruders can have various designs with capacities of up to 1000 Tonnes.

More information (PDF)

  • Extruder 07
  • Extruder 08
  • Extruder 09-1
  • Extruder 10
  • Extruder 11
  • Exruder 01
  • Exruder 02
  • Exruder 03
  • Exruder 04
  • Exruder 05
  • Exruder 06

Small but smart: Our laboratory-Piston extrusion presses

The intelligent solution: With the top notch technology of LOOMIS PRODUCTS, our laboratory-piston extrusion presses are the ideal solution for Process-/ Material testing and for small-scale production

Laboratory-Piston extrusion press
  • Standard configurations: 16 and 25 tonnes
  • Specific configurations on request
  • Sizes and shapes of products as per customer's specifications
  • Double Tilt-System: Variable extrusion and filling at an angle 0°-90°
  • Precise monitoring of the extrusion speed and the pressure
  • Option for data acquisition
  • Ease of changing tools
  • Uncomplicated operation and maintenance
  • Minimal wear of material containers and the press piston